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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-8

In LSIMS, the gas used is

(A) Xenon

(B) Neon

(C) Cesium

(D) Methane

More energetic

Molecular weight of biopolymers is mainly determined by


(B) EI

(C) CI

(D) All of the above

The widely used matrix material in MALDI is

(A) Nujol

(B) Quartz

(C) Nicotinic acid

(D) Teflon

Also sinapinic acid

The laser beam is produced by


(B) CO2

(C) Helium

(D) None

Dalton is

Actual mass of 12C

(B) 1/12 th of atomic number of 12C

(C) Sum of protons and neutons in 12C

(D) 1/12th of mass of 12C