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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-2

Given below are few of the compounds. Identify those compounds which can undergo McLafferty rearrangement?

(A) P,Q,R and S

(B) Q only

(C) P,S

(D) Q,R

Which of the following spectroscopy can be used for structure determination?


(B) Tandem MS

(C) Atomic absorption spectrum


3. Formation of quasi molecular ions is possible in which of the following ionization methods.

(A) Electron impact

(B) Flame ionization

(C) Flame desorption

(D) Chemical ionization

4. Magnetic analyzer in Mass spectroscopy is used to separate

(A) The ions with same m/Z ratio

(B) The ions with same velocity

(C) The ions with equal charge

(D) The ions with equal m/Z ratio and velocity

In FAB MS, the widely used gas used for ionization is

(A) Mercury

(B) Acetylene – oxygen

(C) Acetylene

(D) Argon