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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-4

The most abundant peak in the Mass spectroscopy is

(A) Base peak

(B) Molecular ion peak

(C) Quasi molecular ion peak

(D) None

Fragment ion is produced in

(A) Ion source

(B) During transit

(C) Detector

(D) Sample injector

For Mass spectroscopy large molecules greater than 10,000 Daltons which of the following ion source is used

(A) Chemical

(B) Electron Ionization

(C) Field disorption


One of the strongest peak that may be observed in the mass spectra of the following compound will be at


(B) m/z=30

(C) m/z=41

(D) m/z=60

Due to allyl

M-1 peak mainly results from transfer of

(A) Proton

(B) Na+ ion

(C) Hydride ion

(D) OH- ion