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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-7

All of the following gases are used in CI, EXCEPT

(A) Methane

(B) Argon

(C) Butane

(D) Ammonia

The secondary ions produced in CI are

(A) CH 4 +

(B) C2H5+

(C) C 4H 15 +

(D) C 3H 7 +

Primary ions are CH 4 + and CH 3 +

Which of the following secondary ion has high energy

(A) CH5+

(B) NH 4 +

(C) C 4H 9 +

(D) C 3H 5 +

Condensed phase to vapor phase ions are produced in

(A) Gas phase sources

(B) Desorption sources

(C) Both

(D) None

The atom used in FAB is

(A) Xenon

(B) Neon

(C) Nitrogen

(D) Methane

Also argon