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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-5

In Electron spray ionization (ESI),

(A) Fragment ions are produced

(B) Fragments ions are not produced

(C) It varies with other conditions

(D) None of the above is correct

The mass analyzer that works by imparting the same kinetic energy to all the ions in mass spectroscopy is

(A) Sector

(B) Time of flight

(C) Quadrupole

(D) Orbitrap

Resolving power of a mass spectrometer is

(A) m/Z to peak width

(B) Peak width to m/Z

(C) % Abundance to peak width

(D) Peak width to % abundance

One of the strongest peak that may be observed in the following compound will be at m/z of

(A) 60

(B) 31

(C) 41

(D) 43

29 due to formation of HCO

The strong peak in the above structure is due to

(A) α-cleavage

(B) McLafferty rearrangement

(C) β-cleavage

(D) Loss of water

29 due to formation of HCO