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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-6

The mass analyzer in FTMS is

(A) Sector

(B) Time of flight

(C) Quadrupole

(D) Orbitrap

In mass spectra the plot is drawn between

(A) Absorbance Vs m/Z

(B) %transmittance Vs m/Z

(C) % Abundance Vs m/Z

(D) Magnetic field strength Vs m/Z

A compound has shown two important peaks at the following m/z values in mass spectra. The peak corresponding to m/z=70 may be due to
loss of methylene

(A) α-fission

(B) β-fission

(C) McLafferty rearrangement

Loss of a neutral molecule

Gas pahse ionization is suitable for molecular weight less than

(A) 10 Da

(B) 10000 Da

(C) 1000 Da

(D) 100 Da

Molecular ion in EI is obtained by

Increase of ionizing potential

(B) Reduction of ionization potential

(C) Using suitable analyzer

(D) None