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MCQ on stereochemistry: Page-1

Which the following compounds can show geometrical isomerism?
(A) 2-pentene

(A) P,S

(B) Q,R

(C) P,Q,S

(D) P,R,S

According to perspective formula, the solid wedge indicates the group which is

(A) Towards reader

(B) Away from reader

(C) In plane of paper

(D) None

Choose the functional groups which can act as functional isomers
(P) Aldehydes (Q) Alcohols

(A) Q,S

(B) P,R

(C) P,Q

(D) R,S

The isomers which are connected in different way are called as

(A) Constitutional isomers

(B) Geometric al isomers

(C) Optical isomers

(D) Enantiomers

How many optical isomers are possible for the following compound? batane-2,3-diol

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 3

(D) 8