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MCQ on stereochemistry: Page-6

What is the configuration of the following structure

(A) 2R

(B) 2S

(C) 1R

(D) 1S

Identify name of the chemical mediator that shown in the above structure

(A) Phenylephrine

(B) Dopamine

(C) Noradrenaline

(D) Adrenaline

Resolution is

(A) Accuracy of optical rotation

(B) Purity of enantiomers

(C) Separation of enantiomers

(D) Separation of diastereomers

Separation of enantiomers can be achieved by

(A) Converting in to meso compound

(B) Fractional distillation

(B) Converting in to diastereomers

(D) Crystallization

All of the flowing pure compounds are optically active, EXCEPT

(A) Morphine

(B) Atropine

(C) Strychnine

(D) Brucine