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MCQ on stereochemistry: Page-7

Identify the given structure below
(A) Propranolol

(A) Propranolol

(B) Nabumetone

(C) Terbinafine

(D) Naproxen

The configuration of the above drug is

(A) 1R

(B) 1S

(C) 2R

(D) 2S

Separation of enantiomeric carboxylic acids can be achieved by reaction with

(A) HCl

(B) Formaldehyde

(C) Morphine

(D) Dextran

If the optical purity is 98%, it will have

(A) 2% S form

(B) 2% R form

(C) 2% racemic form

(D) 2% meso form

Regioselective reaction produces

(A) Selective constitutional isomer

(B) Selective dextro isomer

(C) Selective levo isomer

(D) Racemic mixture