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MCQ on stereochemistry: Page-4

Diastereomers are

(P) Mirror images (Q) Non-superimposable

(A) Q,S

(B) P,S

(C) P,R

(D) Q,R

Optical purity of a compound is defined as

(A) Observed optical rotation x specific optical rotation

(B) Observed optical rotation/ specific optical rotation

(C) Specific rotation – observed rotation

(D) specific rotation / observed rotation

Enantiomers will have
(A) Same physical properties

(A) P,R

(B) Q,S

(C) R,S

(D) P,Q

All of the following are true regarding enantiomers EXCEPT

(A) Mirror images

(B) non-super imposable

(C) Form racemic mixture

(D) One may be optically inactive

Erythro enantiomer will have
Similar groups on same side

(A) Q

(B) P

(C) P,S

(D) Q,R