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MCQ on Fluorescence spectroscopy: Page-8

The fluorescence is mainly results from which of the following transitions?

(A) P and S

(B) Q and R

(C) P only

(D) S only

Which of the following is a line source in fluorometry

(A) Mercury vapor lamp

(B) Xenon discharge lamp

(C) Deuterium lamp

(D) Lasers

The primary filter is place in between

(A) Source and cell

(B) Cell and detector

(C) Source and detector

(D) Anywhere

The most widely used detector in spectrofluorometer is

(A) Barrier layer

(B) Golay detector

(C) Bolometer


The quantitative analysis of a non-luminescent compound is done by

(A) Fluorescent quenching

(B) Formation of fluorescent reactive product

(C) Fluorescence labelling

(D) All of the above