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MCQ on Fluorescence spectroscopy: Page-4

The spectroscopy technique that is more sensitive is

(A) UV-Visible

(B) Fluorescence

(C) Both

(D) Sensitivity is variable according to analyte

The fluorescence intensity is expressed by the equation,

(A) F=2.303 I o /abc

(B) F=2.303 I o/ abc

(C) F=2.303 abc

(D) F=2.303 Ioabc

Which of the following is more fluorescent


(B) S

(C) R

(D) P

Luminescence is the phenomenon of

(A) Emission of electrons by interacting with radiation

(B) Emission of radiation by interacting with electrons

(C) Reemission of previously absorbed radiation

(D) Absorption of emitted radiation

Electron spin is reversed in

(A) Fluorescence

(B) Phosphorescence

(C) IR