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MCQ on Fluorescence spectroscopy: Page-7

Which of the following groups decrease fluorescence img

(A) R and S

(B) Q only

(C) R only

(D) P and Q

The fluorescence intensity increases with all of the following except

(A) Rigidity

(B) Planarity

(C) No. of rings

(D) Dissolved oxygen

The fluorescence intensity depends on all of the following except

(A) Concentration

(B) Polarity

(C) Path length

(D) Intensity of incident radiation

Inner filter effect is the fluorescence quenching due to

(A) Absorption of excitation radiation

(B) Absorption of luminescent radiation

(C) Both a and b

(D) Collisional deactivation

Heavy atom effect is not more with

(A) F

(B) Cl

(C) Br

(D) All have equal effect and it depends on valency.