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MCQ on Fluorescence spectroscopy: Page-6

Which of the following are used as sources in fluorometry?
(P) Deuterium discharge lamp

(P) Deuterium discharge lamp (Q) Incandescent wire

(R) Xenon arc lamp (S) Mercury vapor lamp

(A) Q,R

(B) P,S

(C) P,Q

(D) R,S

The purpose of secondary filter in fluorescence spectroscopy is

(A) Allows only excitation radiation

(B) Allows only emission radiation

(C) Allows both excitation and emission radiations

(D) Allows transmitted radiation

The probability of phosphorescence is due to which of the following transitions

(A) P

(B) Both P and S

(C) Q

(D) R

Which of the following increase the fluorescence of aromatic compounds

(A) Para substitution

(B) Ortho

(C) Meta

(D) All of the above

The above is due to

(A) Electron donation

(B) Electron withdrawing

(C) Confirm planarity to ring

(D) Confirm rigidity