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MCQ on X-ray diffraction: Page-1

The useful range of X-ray region for pharmaceutical analysis is

(A) 0.01 to 0.05 nm

(B) 0.05-0.07 nm

(C) 0.01-0.1 nm

(D) 0.2-0.3 nm

Which of the following spectral line is more intense?

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) All are equal

The X-rays emitted from an atom when an electron is removed from K- shell are

(A) K-lines

(B) L-lines

(C) M-lines

(D) N-lines

In X-ray powder camera technique, the detector used is


(B) Photographic film

(C) Bolometer

(D) Thermistor

One of the widely used target material for generation of X-ray spectral line is

(A) Zinc

(B) Molybdenum

(C) Xenon

(D) Manganese