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MCQ on X-ray diffraction: Page-2

The X-ray diffraction is based upon

(A) Illkovic equation

(B) Bragg’s equation

(C) Boltzmann equation

(D) Van deemter equation

Which of the following techniques can be considered as finger spectra


(B) Mass

(C) X-ray diffraction

(D) Fluorimetry

The plot drawn in x-ray diffraction spectra is

(A) Intensity Vs angle

(B) Intensity vs l

(C) l vs Angle

(D) interatomic distance vs angle

The detector used in powder diffractometer is

(A) Photographic film


(C) Goniometer

(D) Scintillation counter

For normal chemical analysis, the proportional counters use

(A) Saturation region

(B) Proportional region

(C) Geiger counter region

(D) All of the above