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MCQ on X-ray diffraction: Page-3

The detector in X-ray diffraction that detects the visible radiation is

(A) Proportional counter

(B) Silicon diode

(C) Golay detector

(D) Scintillation counter

Scintillation counter is combination of emiision of UV radiation followed by reabsorption and reemission of visible radiation detected by PMT

Which of the following detector in X-ray diffraction has more resolution

Proportional counter

(B) Silicon diode

(C) Goniometer

(D) Scintillation counter

In gas phase detectors in XRD, high voltage is applied in the region of

(A) Ionization region

(B) Proportional region

(C) Geiger counter region

(D) All of the above

Dead time is more in

(A) Scintillation counters

(B) Proportional counters

(C) Geiger counters

(D) Semi conductors

The material used to construct the filter in X-ray diffraction is

(A) Metal with next higher atomic number

(B) Metal with next lower atomic number

(C) Quartz

(D) Berylium