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MCQ on UV-Visible spectroscopy: Page-13

1. Which of the following detector has fast response time

(A) Photomultiplier tube

(B) Photo tube

(C) photo diode array

(D) Barrier layer cell

2. The light which reaches the detector without passing through the cell is known as

(A) Dark radiation

(B) Stray radiation

(C) Photoluminescence

(D) Chemiluminescence

3. A sample exhibited has an absorbance 1.0 in UV-Visble spectroscopy. the percentage transmittance will be

(A) 1%

(B) 0.1%

(C) 10%

(D) 0.01%

4. In phototube, photo multiplier tube, the transmitted light from the cells produces photocurrent by falling on

(A) Photocathode

(B) Photoanode

(C) Metal junction

(D) Metal layer

5. The absorptivity of a standard sample of 1% w/v solution measured at a path length of 1 cm, A(1%, 1 cm), is 312 at 254 nm. The absorbance of the test sample was observed 0.624 at 254 nm. The concentration of test sample is

(A) 5 g/100ml

(B) 5 mg/100 ml

(C) 2 g/100ml

(D) 2mg/100 ml