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MCQ on NMR spectroscopy: Page-8

Compound A has greater shielding constant than compound B. Which of them will have more chemical shift?

(A) Compound A

(B) Compound B

(C) Both will have equal chemical shifts

(D) Chemical shift has no relation with shielding constants

Chemical shift has the units of

(A) Parts per million

(B) Parts per billion

(C) Tesla

(D) No units

The order of chemical shifts for protons attached to each type of carbon is

(A) SP

(B) SP3

(C) SP2

(D) SP3

Zeeman effect is

(A) Separation of charges in electrical field

(B) Separation of charges in magnetic field

(C) Decoupling of spinning nucleus

(D) Separation of spin states in magnetic field

Larmor frequency is given by the equation

(A) ϒhB/2p

(B) ϒB/2p

(C) hB/2p?

(D) ϒB/2hp