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MCQ on NMR spectroscopy: Page-7

The peak due to the proton attached to the first carbon in the above is splitted in to

(A) Singlet

(B) Doublet

(C) Triplet

(D) Quartet

The ratio of peak splitting in above is

(A) 1:1

(B) 1:2:1

(C) 1:3:3:1

(D) No splitting

Which of the following environmental effect is influenced by magnetic field strength

(A) Chemical shift

(B) Spin splitting

(C) Both are influenced

(D) Both are not influenced

Spin-spin coupling is not observed when the protons are separated by more than

(A) one sigma bond

(B) Two sigma bonds

(C) Three sigma bonds

(D) Four sigma bonds

The relation between Larmor frequency angular velocity of the precessional orbital is given by

(A) ϒ=2pv/3

(B) ϒ=2p/v

(C) ϒ=v/2p

(D) v=ϒ / 2p