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MCQ on NMR spectroscopy: Page-6

Electromagnetic energy is kept constant in

(A)Continuous wave NMR

(B)Fourier transform NMR

(C)Both of these

(D)None of the above

Chemical shift is equal to

(A)(σ.reference - σ.sample) x 10*6

(B)(σ.sample - σ.reference) x 10*6

(C)(σ.reference + σ.sample ) x 10*6

(D)σ.ref / σ.sample

In proton NMR spectroscopy, hydrogen bonding results in

(A)Shielding effect

(B)Deshielding effect

(C)Peak splitting

(D)All of the above

Given below is a dihalo alkane. Select the number of signals that will be produced by the compound in 1H NMR.





Given below is cyclic compound with cis-dichloro substitution. The number of peaks the compound can show in proton NMR will be