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MCQ on NMR spectroscopy: Page-8

The effect of electronegative atom in 13C NMR will be more in

(A) alpha-carbon

(B) beta-carbon

(C) gamma-carbon

(D) All are equal

The net sensitivity of 13C is

(A) 4 times less than 1H

(B) 100 times less than 1H

(C) 7 times less than 1H

(D) 6000 times less than 1H

Choose the CORRECT statement from the following

(A) 13C has more gyromagnetic ration than 1H

(B) 13C NMR shows more homonuclear coupling than 1H NMR

(C) 13C NMR requires large samples

(D) In 13C NMR, chemical shift decreases with increasing electronegativity

If the Larmor frequency of proton in PMR is 60 MHz, the corresponding Larmor

(A) 60 MHz

(B) 30 MHz

(C) 10 MHz

(D) 15 MHz

Select the correct statement regarding the effect of chlorine on chemical shift of β carbons in 13C NMR for the following structure.

(A) Down field

(B) Up field

(C) No effect

(D) signal splitting