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MCQ on NMR spectroscopy: Page-3

The signal in the FT NMR is recorded as

(A) Single peak

(B) Free induction decay

(C) Ringing

(D) None

Ringing can decreased by

(A) Continuous magnetic source

(B) Pulsed rf source

(C) cannot be eliminated

(D) None of the above

In FT NMR the signal to noise ratio increases as a function of

(A) Square root of no. of scans

(B) Square of no. of scans

(C) reciprocal of no. of scans

(D) multiples of no. of scans

The magnet in NMR is cooled by

(A) Liquid nitrogen

(B) Liquid Helium

(C) Ammonia

(D) All of the above

Identify the number of peaks possible in 1H NMR for the following alkyl aromatic compound.

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4