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MCQ on NMR spectroscopy: Page-7

The normal range of operating frequency in NMR is

(A) 10-100 MHz

(B) 60-900 MHz

(C) 30-300 MHz

(D) 100-1000 MHz

Which of the following statement is true regarding PMR

(A) Homonuclear coupling is larger than heteronuclear coupling

(B) Chemical shift is independent of the environment of proton

(C) Alkynes have high chemical shift than alkenes

(D) Proton-deuterium coupling is seven times less than proton-proton coupling

Deuterium exchange techniques are used for

(A) Study of change in chemical shifts

(B) spin-spin coupling

(C) Spin-spin decoupling

(D) Increase the intensity of absorption

Resolution of the NMR spectra is given by

(A) Δν/j

(B) j/Δν

(C) Δν x j

(D) Δν - j

The standard used for calibration of resolution of NMR is


(B) Benzene

(C) Chloroform

(D) Ethanol