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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-5

1. Given below are the linkages of hydrogen with various heteroatom. Which of them will have more reduced mass?
N-H and O-H linkages


(B) Q

(C) P

(D)Variable with other attachments

As the mass increases, reduced mass increases

2. In the above question, arrange the groups in increasing order of their IR frequencies.

(A) P < Q < R

(B) R < Q < P

(C) Q < P < R

(D) R < P < Q

3. Variable path length cells can be produced by filling the space material

(A) KBr

(B) Teflon

(C) Fused silica

(D) Quartz

4. The Fourier transformation is a mathematical conversion of

(A) Time domain to frequency domain

(B) Frequency domain to time domain

(C) Time domain to concentration domain

(D) Concentration domain to time domain

5. The signal to noise ratio is high in

(A) UV-visible spectrophotometer

(B) Dispersive IR


(D) None of the above