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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-3

1. In FTIR, initially spectra is recorded as

(A) Volts vs time

(B) % Transmittance vs concentration

(C) Absorbance vs Concentration

(D) Absorbance vs time

2. Select the material from the following that are used for preparation of pellets for solid samples of analyte in IR
(P) Potassium bromide (Q) Trichloromethyl silane

(A) Q,S

(B) P,R

(C) R,S

(D) P,Q

Which of the following is a non-dispersive type of spectrophotometer

(A) Spectrofluorometer

(B) Spectrophotometer

(C) Flame photometer


4. The wave numbers correspond to the wavelength 2.5µm is

(A) 14,000 cm -1

(B) 4,000 cm-1

(C) 3,600 cm -1

(D) 400 cm -1

5. Which of the following molecules can’t be analysed by IR

(A) P,S

(B) Q,S

(C) P,R

(D) Q,R