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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-2

The IR region most widely used for qualitative analysis is

(A) Near IR

(B) mid IR

(C) Far IR

(D) All of the above

2. Given below is the stretching vibration of a diatomic molecule. The reduced mass of the two atoms involved in this stretching vibration will be

(A) μ=(m 1 + m 2)/m 1m 2

(B) μ=m1 m2/(m1 + m2)

(C) μ=(m 1 + m 2)/2

(D) μ=(m 1 + m 2)/2m 1m 2

3. The vibrational frequency of stretching vibration of the diatomic molecule in the above question will be

(A) ν/2π=√(μ/k)

(B) ν/2π=√(k/μ)

(C) ν=1/2π √(μ/k)

(D) ν=1/2π √(k /μ)

4. Which of the following absorb IR radiation

(A) Homonuclear diatomic molecule

(B) Heteronuclear diatomic molecule

(C) Both A and B

(D) Diatomic molecules will not absorb IR

5. The solid samples are analysed in IR spectroscopic analysis by

(A) Preparing a solution of analyte

(B) Using a mulling agent

(C) Pyrrolysis

(D) All of the above