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MCQ on complexometric titrations: Page-7

Which of the following acts as demasking agent>
ascorbic acid

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

In volhard method, which of the following salt should be coagulated during the titration

(A) Silver iodide

(B) silver chloride

(C) Silver bromide

(D) Silver cyanide

The above is due to formation of

(A) Silver chromate

(B) Silver cyanide

(C) Silver thiocyanate

(D) Ammonium thiocyanate

The coagulant used is

(A) Ammonium thiocyanate

(B) Dibutyl phthalate

(C) Eosin

(D) Potassium chromate

Which of the following is a back titration

(A) Volhard

(B) Adsorption method

(C) Mohr method

(D) Gay Lussac method