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MCQ on complexometric titrations: Page-5

Which of the following shows kinetic masking

(A) P,Q

(B) Q,S

(C) S only

(D)R only

The silver and gold are titrated by

(A) Tetracyanonickelate

(B) disodium ethylenediamine tetracetate

(C) Magnesium sulfate

(D) Sodium thiosulphate

All of the following can produce selective complexometric titrations, except
back titration

(A) P

(B) S

(C) Q,R

(D) R,S

In absence of indicator, the ratio of stability constants of EDTA complexes of two metals should be

(A) < 10 6

(B) < 10 8

(C) > 10 6

(D) > 10 8

The solubility of the sparingly soluble salt is decreased by

(A) Increase in temperature

(B) Bases

(C) Organic solvent

(D) All of the above