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MCQ on Atomic spectroscopy: Page-1

The splitting of the spectral lines under the influence of Magnetic field is known as

(A) Lorentz effect

(B) Zeeman effect

(C) Doppler’s effect

(D) Self reversal

Chemical vaporization is carried by treatment of element with

(A) Potassium chloride

(B) Teflon

(C) Aloxite

(D) Sodium borohydrate

Background interferences can be eliminated by

(A) Continuum source

(B) Zeeman effect

(C) self reversal

(D) All of the above

The function of filler gas in HCL is

(A) To produce ionization of elements

(B) To produce sputtering of analyte

(C) To prevent resonant broadening

(D) All of the above

Sputtering is a process of conversion of

(A) Coated element in to gaseous atoms

(B) Re-deposition of the gaseous atoms on cathode

(C) Coated element in to gaseous ions

(D) Gaseous atoms in to gaseous excited state