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MCQ on Atomic spectroscopy: Page-3

In some type of analysis, nitrogen is allowed to flow over the flame

(A) To control temperature

(B) To prevent turbulence

(C) To exclude atmospheric oxygen

(D) To remove water in the flame

Background interferences in atomic spectroscopy is mainly due to

(A) Formation of less volatile oxides

(B) Absorption of emitted radiation

(C) Absorption by matrix materials in flame

(D) Ionization of analyte

The major advantage of furnaces used as cell is

(A) Low temperature

(B) Less turbulence

(C) Less sample volume is required

(D) Less energy is required to vaporize

Calcium assayed in presence of phosphorous and oxygen interferes with the atomization process by formation of phosphates. This is an example of

(A) Anionic

(B) Cationic

(C) Ionization

(D) Spectral

Which of the following is used as a source in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy?

(A) Tungsten halogen lamp

(B) Hollow cathode lamp

(C) Xenon arc

(D) Globar