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MCQ on Atomic spectroscopy: Page-2

Multi-element HCL are made up of
alloy of element

(A) R,S

(B) P,Q

(C) Q,R

(D) P,R

Self-reversal is mainly associated with

(A) Multiple element HCL

(B) Demountable HCL

(C) High intensity HCL


Cold vapor method is used for detection of

(A) Cs

(B) Hg

(C) Ge

(D) Cd

The disadvantage of total consumption burner is

(A) Explosion hazard

(B) Turbulent flame

(C) High conc. of the analyte in the flame

(D) Decomposition on the analyte in the flame

The advantage of pre-mix burner are
(P) Long path length

(P) Long path length (Q) Less explosion

(R) High concentration of the analyte in the flame (S) Less turbulence

(A) Q,S

(B) R,P

(C) P,S

(D) Q,R