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MCQ on principles of chromatography: Page-7

The technique used for analysis of small nonionic, polar molecules

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

Which of the following relation is correct

(A) VR =VM + KVS

(B) V M =V R + KV S

(C) V R =V S + KV M

(D) V S =V M + KV R

The dynamic equilibrium of separation in chromatography is explained by

(A) Craig’s theory

(B) Mooley’s theory

(C) Vandeemter theory

(D) Kovat’s theory

Which of the following can be used as stationary phase in gel chromatography

(A) Polystyrene-divinyl benzene

(B) Sephadex

(C) Activated silica

(D) Silica

The ion pair chromatography involves the separation of ions

(A) By interchanging with similarly charged ions

(B) By interchanging with oppositely charged ions

(C) By combining with similarly charged ions

(D) By combining with oppositely charged ions