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MCQ on principles of chromatography: Page-6

The unit for mass transfer coefficient in van deemter equation is
(A) cm.sec

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

The optimal flow rate is obtained by

(A) √(A/B)

(B) √(B/C)

(C) √(C/B)

(D) √(A/C)

Efficiency of separation is

(A) Directly proportional to HETP

(B) Indirectly proportional to HETP

(C) Does not depend on HETP

(D) Equal to square root of HETP

Which of the following expressions is correct

(A) Neff=5.54(t R/w) 2

(B) Neff=16(t R/w 1/2) 2

(C) Neff=2.35(t R/w 1/2) 2

(D) Neff=5.54(tR/w1/2)2

Eddys diffusion increases with

(A) Increased flow rate

(B) Decreased flow rate

(C) Independent of flow rate

(D) Variable