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MCQ on poentiometry: Page-2

Select the suitable reference electrode for the electrochemical analysis at temperatures above 80 oC. calomel electrode

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) Either P or Q can be used

(D) Neither P nor Q should be used

The expressions valid in potentiometry are

(A) E Cell =E ERE - E ISE

(B) E Cell =E ISE – E ERE + E J

(C) E ISE =E IRE – E membrane

(D) E ISE =E IRE – E J

An electrode has the standard electrode potential as +2.50V. The electrode will be
Higher the oxidizing capacity

(A) P,S

(B) Q,R

(C) P,R

(D) Q,S

Standard hydrogen electrode

(A) Can’t be easily prepared

(B) Doesn’t go reduction

(C) Indicator electrode

(D) All of the above

The equivalent weight of hydrogen peroxide is

(A) 68

(B) 17

(C) 34

(D) 38