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MCQ on polarography: Page-5

In polarography, the electroactive species will undergo

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

The optimal range of potential scan applicable in polarography is

(A) -0.4 V to -10.0 V

(B) +10.0 V to -0.8 V

(C) +0.4 V to -2.0 V

(D) -0.8 V to + 1.0 V

For potential up to -2.6 V, the supporting electrolyte used in polarography is
ammonium nitrate

(A) P,Q

(B) R,S

(C) P,R

(D) Q,S

Which of the following current interferes with study and can’t be completely eliminated?
Migration current

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

The current is due to concentration gradient of electroactive species in polarography is

(A) Diffusion current

(B) Residual current

(C) Migration current

(D) Convection current