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MCQ on polarography: Page-2

Widely used supporting electrolytes in polarography are

(A) R,S

(B) P,Q

(C) Q,R

(D) P,S

In polarography, the mercury drop is issued from the capillary by

(A) A constant pressure pump

(B) Gravity

(C) Reciprocal pump

(D) Pneumatic pump

The current arises due to charging of mercury drop that grows is known as
Charging current

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

Convection current in polarography is minimized by

(A) Addition of KCl

(B) Unstirred solution

(C) dropping mercury

(D) All of the above

In polarography, usually

(A) Voltage is constantly increased in negative direction

(B)Voltage is constantly increased in positive direction

(C)Voltage is kept constant

(D) Current either increases or decreases