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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-7

In mass spectroscopy the ortho, meta and para disubstitution on aromatic compounds

(A) Can be easily differentiated

(B) Cannot be differentiated

(C) None

Alcohols undergo all of the following fragmentations EXCEPT

(A) Loss of alkyl group

(B) Loss of water

(C) Loss of water and alkene

(D) Loss of OH group

Phenols give peak of

(A) M-28

(B) M-12

(C) M-18

(D) All of the above

Also M-29

Ethers mainly undergo

(A) α-cleavage

(B) β-cleavage

(C) Both

(C) No fragmentation

The m/z ratio is equal to

(A) V 2r 2e/2B

(B) VrB/2e

(C) B2r2e/2V

(D) B 2e 2r/2V