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MCQ on IR spectroscopy: Page-5

Cycloalkenes undergo

(A) α-fission

(B) β-fission

(C) Retro Diels-alder reaction

(D) Rearrangement

The peak corresponding to m/z=91 from an aromatic compound indicates

(A) Rearrangement

(B) Tropylium ion

(C) Benzene ion

(D) α- fission

The peak corresponds to m/z=65 from aromatic compounds indicates

(A) Elimination of alkene from tropylium ion

(B) Elimination of water from tropylium ion

(C) Elimination of methylene from tropylium ion

(D) Elimination of acetylene from tropylium ion

In alkyl benzenes when the alky chain is greater than 2, the peak observed at 92 corresponds to

Hydrogen migration and loss of alkene

(B) Mc Lafferty

(C) Both

(D) Tropylium ion

The characteristic peak in the primary alcohols is observed at


(B) 31

(C) 58

(D) 60