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MCQ on anticancer agents: Page-6

Which of the following is an anthracycline antibiotic.

(A) P,Q,S

(B) S

(C) P,R

(D) Q,S

Doxorubicin, daunorubicin, epirubicin and idarubicin are anthracycline antibiotics. Doxorubicin is chemically hydroxyl daunorubicin

Development of acne type skin rash indicating positive therapy is observed with

(A) Rituximab

(B) Cetuximab

(C) Trastuzmab

(D) Bevacizumab

Cetuximab is an antibody for epidermal growth factor and produces rash as side effect. This acne type sin rash is a positive indicator for drugs action.

Select the INCORRECT statement

(A) Allopurinol mouth wash should be given with Methotrexate

(B) Vitamin B12 supplements should be given along with methotrexate

(C) 7-Hydroxy methotrexate  is the metabolite of methotrexate that forms crystalluria

(D) Pemetrexed inhibits both DHFR and thymidylate synthetase

5-Fluorouracil produces oral and gastric ulceration which can be prevented by allopurinol mouthwash. Methotrexate produces megaloblastic anemia which can alleviated by concomitant administration of leucovorin and vitamin B12 supplements. 7-Hydroxy methotrexate is less water soluble and forms crystalluria.


(A) Converts asparagine in to aspartic acid

(B) Converts aspartic acid in to asparagine

(C) Converts adenosine in to inosine

(D) Converts inosine in to adenosine

Crisantaspase is an enzyme preparation that converts the asparagine to aspartic acid so that cancer cells die because of lack of asparagine.