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MCQ on anticancer agents: Page-4

Given below are few of the anticancer agents. Choose the CORRECT statement related to them

(A) P stabilizes microtubules in mitosis

(B) Q has less neurotoxicity

(C) R acts as spindle poison

(D) S inhibits topoisomerase I

Vincristine inhibits polymerization of free beta tubules into microtubules hence act as spindle poison. Taxanes like paclitaxel and docetaxel does not inhibit formation of microtubules but cause their stabilization leading to inhibition of mitotic division. Among the vinca alkaloids, vinorelbine is a semi-synthetic agent that produces less neurotoxicity. Etoposide is a podophyllotoxin that inhibits topoisomerase II.

The resistance to the majority of the anticancer agents is mainly due to

(A) Increased metabolism

(B) Alteration of enzymatic activity

(C) Drug efflux from target tissues

(D) Receptor down regulation

Many mechanism are involved in the development of resistance for anticancer agents. Among these drug efflux by p-glycoprotein is the major mechanism of resistance.

Given below are the drug and their important and specific side effect. Choose the WRONG combination

(A) Bleomycin, Pulmonary fibrosis 

(B) Methotrexate, Paraesthesias

(C) Doxorubicin, Cardiotoxicity

(D) Cyclophosphamide, Haemorrhagic cystitis

Vinca alkaloids produce parasthesias. Methotrexate produces megaloblastic anemia.

Choose the WRONG combination of drug and its main target

(A) Exemestane, aromatase inhibitor

(B) Dactinomycin, DNA polymerase inhibitor

(C) Etoposide, Topoisomerase II

(D) Pentostatin, RNA polymerase inhibitor

Pentostatin inhibits adenosine deaminase enzyme which converts adenosine to inosine.

Choose the WRONG combination of drug and its main target

(A) Irinotecan, topoisomerase I

(B) Rituximab, HER2 antibody

(C) Bevacizumab, vascular endothelium growth factor

(D) Dactinomycin, DNA polymerase inhibitor

Rituximab acts against CD20 antigen that is expressed on B lymphocytes.