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MCQ on acid-base titrations: Page-1

Calculate pH of the following solution
weak base with pka 10.6 at 0.1M concetration

(A) 1.2

(B) 4.3

(C) 9.1

(D) 2.4

Impurities in a sample of aspirin can be determined by

(A) Direct titration with strong acid

(B) Direct titration with strong base

(C) Back titration with strong acid

(D) Back titration with strong base

Which of the following determinations involve back titration with blank determination?
acid value

(A) P

(B) Q,S

(C) P,R

(D) R,S

The reagent used for the above determination is

(A) Benzoic anhydride

(B) Anhydrous sodium carbonate

(C) Potassium hydroxide

(D) Acetic anhydride

Esters can be determined by

(A) Direct titration

(B) Back titration

(C) Back titration with blank determination

(D) None of the above