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MCQ on acid-base titrations: Page-2

Calculate pKb value of the following weak acid
weak acid with pka 6.2

(A) 7.8

(B) 5.8

(C) 3.8

(D) 0.8

Which of the following is a better indicator when the reaction evolves carbon dioxide

(A) Methyl orange

(B) Methylene blue

(C) Neutral red

(D) Phenolphthalein

The catalysts used in kjeldahl method is
aluminum chloride

(A) P,S

(B) Q,R

(C) S

(D) Q

The color change interval of an indicator with pKa 8.5 is

(A) 6.5-10.5

(B) 7.5-9.5

(C) 8.5-10.5

(D) 8.0-10.0

Neutralization curve is expressed as

(A) pH vs pKa

(B) pH Vs volume of titrant

(C) pKa Vs volume of titrant

(D) None of the above