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MCQ on Thin layer chromatography: Page-3

All of the following are used for production of X-rays except

(A) Coolidge tube

(B) Goniometer

(C) X-radiation

(D) Radionuclide


The material used for the construction of window in coolidge tube is

(A) Molybdinum

(B) Berylium  

(C) Manganese

(D) Cobalt

Also Aluminum – for 6 to 70 A

The ratio of K a1/Ka2 is

(A) 10

(B) 2  

(C) 5

(D) 100

K a1/K b2

2 and 100

The common analyzing crystal used in goniometer is

(A) Lithium fluoride

(B) NaCl

(C) Potassium iodide

(D) KCl

Quartz, aluminum, Topaz, silicon, Lithium fluoride

Lithium fluoride for all wavelengths less than 3 A

Pentaerithrytol and potassium hydrogen phthalate for 3-20

The commonly filled gas in proportional counters is

(A) Neon

(B) Xenon

(C) Argon

(D) Hydrogen

Methane, ethanol, chlorine