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MCQ on Principles of titrimetric analysis: Page-2

Select the strong acid from the following
acidity order

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) It depends on the pH of solution

(D) It depends on the concentration of solution

Which of the following is an indeterminate error

(A) Inappropriate drying

(B) Loss of sample due to effervescence

(C) Improper solvent extraction

(D) None of the above

Calculate pH of the following solution

(A) 2.2

(B) 5.0

(C) 6.0

(D) 4.3

Calculate the degree of hydrolysis of the following type of salt at room temperature

(A) 0.1

(B) 0.01

(C) 0.001

(D) 0.0001

In titrimetric analysis, the reagent of known concentration is known as

(A) Primary standard

(B) Secondary standard

(C) Titrant

(D) Titrand