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MCQ on ESR spectroscopy: Page-2

Hyperfine splitting in ESR is observed due to surrounding

(A) P and R

(B) R and S

(C) R only

(D) S only

Nuclei with spin quantum number other than zero can produce hyperfine splitting.

Magnetic field strength of 0.1 Tesla is equal to

(A) 10 Gauss

(B) 100 Gauss

(C) 1000 Gauss

(D) 10000 Gauss

One Tesla is equal to 10000 Gauss. Therefore 0.1 Tesla=1000 Gauss.

An adjacent atom of 15N can split the spectral lines of electron in to

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

The number of peak splitting depends on the spin quantum number (I) of associated nuclei. Here 14N has I value as 1. Therefore it can split the peak into 2I+1 lines. That means, 2(1) + 1=3 lines.

Which of the nuclei listed below shows more peak splitting in ESR?

(A) R

(B) P

(C) Q and S

(D) P and R

Here spin quantum number of nuclei plays important role in determining number of peak splitting. 57Fe and 1H have I value as ½ whereas 14N has I value as 1. On the other hand, 55Mn has I value as 5/2 therefore produces more splitting.

Unit for measurement of hyperfine splitting constant in ESR is

(A) Guass

(B) Tesla/sec

(C) Guass/mm

(D) No units