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MCQ on drugs acting on heart failure: Page-1

1. Select the drug that is indicated for cardiogenic shock from the following list

(A) Dobutamine

(B) Sotalol

(C) Amiodarone

(D) Amlodipine

Dobutamine is β1 agonist that increases both rate and force of contraction. Hence it can be used in cardiogenic shock as well as in heart failure.

2. Given below is a structure of a beta blocker that is indicated for heart failure. Identify it.

(A) Propranolol

(B) Labetalol

(C) Metoprolol

(D) Carvedilol

3. Select one of the drug which produces smooth muscle relaxation

(A) Nebivolol

(B) Atenolol

(C) Acebutolol

(D) Labetalol

All the options given here are beta blockers. Among these atenolol and acebutolol are selective beta blockers acting on β 1 receptors. These two drugs don’t have any direct action on vascular smooth muscle. Labetalol is a beta blocker with alpha blocker activity which results in smooth muscle relaxation. On the other hand, nebivolol also produces vasodilatation by releasing nitric oxide apart from its beta blocker activity.

Listed below are few of the drugs indicated for heart failure. Identify one of the prodrug from the following drugs.

(A) Q,R

(B) P,S

(C) P

(D) R

Enalapril is an ACE inhibitor that is actually a prodrug and needs bio-activation. It has ester moiety in its structure which is hydrolyzed to carboxylic acid to yield active metabolite, enalaprilat.

Identify the FALSE statements

(A) Q,R

(B) P,Q

(C) P,S

(D) R,S

At heart both sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work quite oppositely maintaining homeostasis. While sympathetic system works under stressful conditions parasympathetic system works under restful conditions. Sympathetic system stimulates heart and thereby increases both rate and force of contraction. On the other hand, parasympathetic system produces quite opposite effects by depressing the heart.