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MCQ on coulometry: Page-1

The electroanalytical technique that involves the measurement of electricity consumed in a redox reaction of the analyte is
img Voltammetry

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

In potentiostatic coulometry, the current

(A) Increases exponentially

(B) Decreases exponentially

(C) Constant

(D) Zero

A known concentration of different electroactive species is added to sample in

(A) Pilot ion method

(B) Internal standard method

(C) Standard addition method

(D) Calibration method

According to Faraday’s First Law of electrolysis, the extent of electrochemical reaction depends on

(A) voltage applied

(B) Conductance of solution

(C) Electrical charge applied

(D) All of the above

Secondary coulometric titrations involve

(A) Addition of titrant

(B) Titrant precursor

(C) Use of secondary standards

(D) Constant potential