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MCQ on antitubercular agents: Page-3

Select the drugs that act as metabolic enzyme inducers from the following

(A) P,R

(B) Q,R,S

(C) P,Q

(D) R,S

Rifampin is an enzyme inducer

Choose the WRONG combination of drug and side effect

(A) Ethambutol, optic neuritis 

(B) Rifampicin, liver damage

(C) Capreomycin, Deafness  

(D) Cefalexin, ototoxicity

Cefalexin is a cephalosporin that causes hypersensitivity and diarrhea as main side effects. Rarely, they can also cause nephrotoxicity but they do not produce ototoxicity. Antibiotics like vancomycin, aminoglycosides and diuretics such as loop diuretics produce ototoxicity.