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MCQ on antihyperlipidemics: Page-4

Fibrates are contraindicated with all of the following, except

(A) Alcohol

(B) Renal failure

(C) Hyperuricemia

(D) Statins

Fibrates and statins both produce rhabdomyolysis hence they should not be combined.

The unwanted effect of clofibrate is

(A) Hypertension

(B) Gall stones

(C) Hyperuricaemia

(D) Renal failure

Clofibrate causes gall stones and fenofibrate is uricosuric.

The drug which inhibits the absorption of cholesterol is

(A) Ezetimibe

(B) Nicotinic acid

(C) Gemfibrozil

(D) Fish oil

Ezetimibe specifically inhibits the absorption of cholesterol by inhibiting the NPL1C1 ion channel at brush border of the gut wall.

The absorption drugs like chlorothiazide, digoxin and warfarin is decreased by

(A) Clofibrate

(B) Cholestyramine

(C) Fish oil

(D) Lovastatin

Bile acid binding resins form complex with bile acids and form non-absorbable bile salts which are excreted. Along with bile cholesterol and other lipophilic drugs are excreted. As they are non-specific, they inhibit the biliary reabsorption of lipophilic vitamins and drugs like warfarin, chlorothiazide and digoxin.

The main constituent in fish oil is

(A) Omega-3-marine triglycerides

(B) Nicotinic acid

(C) Steroids

(D) None of the above

Fish oil is rich in poly unsaturated fatty acids